Endlessly Elated.

A lifestyle blog turned consumer home goods company, Pix-l Graphx has been with Endlessly Elated since its inception in 2012. In 2020, the brand pivoted to offer luxury housewares, and Pix-l was tasked with creating a site focused on creating a personalized client experience that would drive consumers to purchase.

Endlessly Elated is a highly curated, luxury homeware company. Instead of taking cues from glossy magazines, it uses consumer feedback to drive brand development.


Endlessly Evolves

During this rebrand, Endlessly Elated eschewed its peony icon logo for a sophisticated typography design that would feel more elegant and simplified. The brand also traded in its brown tones for black with neutral accents. While the peony was removed from the logo, it appears as a symbol throughout company materials. 

Color Scheme

Avenir Medium

Sagitarius Signature

Web Design

A personalized lifestyle website

The goal was to create a personalized lifestyle website opposed to traditional sales-driven e-commerce. A sophisticated aesthetic was achieved with high-end photography throughout. 

Web Development

The Ultimate Personalization

Pix-l Graphx selected WordPress and WooCommerce as the primary CMS and e-commerce platforms, respectively. The website was built with a mobile-first outlook complete with express checkout options and multiple payment gateways. 

Above all, Endlessly Elated wanted to deliver a personalized experience for consumers. The concept was to create an exclusive “speakeasy” vibe that required password access by entering only your name. This way, the barrier to entry was lower than an email address, for example, and it allowed Pix-l developers to add personalized greetings throughout the site. 

For future flexibility, developers wrote code to bypass the welcome page so users can access the website directly if needed. 

Social media Marketing

Increased traffic to the website by 250% with Facebook and Instagram ads.

With digital being the primary connection point between the Endlessly Elated brand and their customer, we use the eCommerce experience as our foundation to define the brand identity framework.

Through exploration and iteration, we were able to establish a system rooted in raw aesthetics, real personality, and authentic opinions; as a brand with something to say, we designed how it was said by making it simple, but significant — elegant typography, strong images, a a minimal elegance.


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Kathleen Pagan, CEO of Endlessly Elated

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